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Kanye West goes on another rant and gets booed. Kanye sporting a Trump ‘MAGA’ hat was the musical guest on SNL. And when guest host tried to close the show Kanye grabbed the mic and went into one of his pro-Trump rants complaining that the producer of SNL were trying to deny him his free speech & expression. But things got crazier after the NBC cameras were turned off, according to Instagram videos which began percolating Sunday morning. In footage shot by Chris Rock and others, Kanye was singing when he pointed to someone in the audience and said, “You see, they’re laughing at me. You heard ‘em, they scream at me.”He added angrily, “They bullied me. They bullied me back stage. They said don’t go out there with that hat on.” He went on to rant about his public embrace of President Trump and slam the media.

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