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Today is Veteran’s day in which we honor our fellow soldiers who risked their lives in efforts to remain a safe nation. Today we page homage to 11 hip-hop artists who you may have not known paid their dues. The only way to do this is order from youngest on with a highlight clip.


  1. Donnis – From Atlanta Georgia, Ladonnis Crump stepped on the rap scence in 2009 with his debut “Diary of an ATL Brave” Mixtape. He then went on to release his first EP “Fashionably Late” under Atlantic Records the following year and has been active ever since. Donnis Enrolled into the Air Force at age 17 and was stationed in Tokyo, Japan for a little over two years.


Donnis- Gone



  1. Muggsy Malone (35)- One of the most well respected spitters of the underground hailing from the DMV area, Malone, aka The Parkway Kid, went on to graduate high school at 15! After a year in college he decided to join the US Army. He was stationed in South Korea, DC, as well as Texas.


Muggsy Malone- 2015 BET Cypher



  1. Freddie Gibbs (36)- Coming up on 10 years since “The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs, Fredrick Tipton has been active on the rap scene since 2003. His content landed him a deal with Interscope records in 2006.


Gibbs unfounately got into trouble with the law and while in custody, he was “forced” into the military due to a bargaining agreement his lawyer made with a judge known as ‘pre-trial diversion’, in which he was dishonorably discharged for an unauthorized appointment with Mary Jane.


Freddie Gibbs- Death Row



  1. Khrysis- (37) Christopher Fredrick Tyson, home to the Away Team, and the Justus League, has been on the boards with the heat since 2003. Forming the team’s debut album “National Anthem” in the 2005 got him national attention as Nike offered him to produce the soundtrack for Nike’s 2007 Documentary “Laced” Celebrating 30 years of Nike Basketball.


But before all of this, Khrysis started the new millennium in the military serving under the National guard for two years before his resignation.


9th Wonder ft Khrysis- Make It Big



  1. Nate Dogg (41) Gone way too soon, Nathaniel Hale took a step out on faith in quest of his manhood and joined the Marine corps just 30 days after graduating Long Beach Polytechnic High School in 1987.


Needless to say Nate Dogg’s Impact on hip-hop and him paving the way for harmony to be incorporated to “Thug-life” lyrics.


Warren G ft. Nate Dogg – Regulate



  1. Canibus (43)- Germaine Williams was Jamaican Born-raised in the Bronx rude boy who bust onto the scene in the 90’s with his ill freestyling and has been declared by multiple sources who of the top MC’s of our century.


Caniubus, unlike any of the previous musicians listed, joined the military after he became a household name. Enlisting in the Army at age 28, He wanted to be remembered for something as from his rap career. In an interview with HipHopDX, he left a memorable quote to sum up his experience in the Amry: “Doing what you are discouraged to do brings you what is important quicker than doing what you are encouraged to do”.


Canibus- DJ Clue Freestyle 97



  1. Mystikal (48) Michael Lawerance Tyler was a NOLA boy, born in 1970. 24 years later he released his debut album “Mystikal” under independent Big Boy Records. In 2000, He then got ready to take the states by storm, releasing his EP “Let’s Get Ready” to start off the new millennium. With two smash hits on the album, Mystikal became a short lived household name. Before his music career took off, at the tender age of 18, he decided to join in the military in eofforts to earn enough cash for a new car. He had to ride threw war first, clearing landmines in Operation Desert Shield aka The Gulf War


Mystikal- Danger


  1. No Malice (46)-. Born August 18th, 1972 in Brooklyn, Thorton had a short stint in the Army. Fresh out of high school, with wants, needs, and responsibilities, he enlisted for two years in order to receive the funds he needed then, got back to what he knew best, Grindin. 16 years since the smash hit “Grindin” that put Gene Thorton and his brother Pusha T on the map

Clipse- Grindin


  1. Shaggy (50) Orville Burrell was born in Kingston, Jamaica on October 22, 1968, and yes, his stage name came from Scooby-Doo. Despite the name he got from a Cartoon, Shaggy is far from Frightened or scared of much, enlisting into one of the toughest military branches, the Marines, as a teenager. He fought in the same realm as Mystikal, as they both were fighting for America during the Persian Gulf War. After his service, he had an illustrious music career keeping in at the round table discussion for most influential Jamaican hip-hop artists for years to come!


Shaggy- It Wasn’t Me



  1. MC Hammer (56) Born in Oakland, CA 1962, the Hammer man had it hard growing up, low class, 6 siblings in a 3 bedroom apartment, he wanted to make a way for himself when he came of age. After graduating high school and a semester of communication studies, he enlisted into the Navy. Hammmer did a three year stint before he was honorably discharged to break it down. No relation to Shaggy, Mr. Stanley Burrell bust onto the scene with the moves in the late 80’s and has been a hit ‘til this day. No question the legacy he left behind in the hip-hop industry and will be remembered as one of the piorneers of hip-hop dancing.


MC Hammer- U Can’t Touch This



  1. Ice-T (60) The O.G. Original Gangster, before masterminding one of the most controversial tracks of in the history of hip-hop, Ice-T served a two year two month stint in the US Army. It was not until his days in combat that he found his interest in rap with a strong influence from the Sugar Hill Gang. After his discharge, Born in Newark, NJ, Tracy Marrow devised an original plan to make a name as a DJ. Getting the name Ice-T in tribute to the notorious pimp Iceberg Slim. After being recognized more for his rhyming rather than scratching, he pursued a career rapping. Ice-T was a one of the original rappers turned actors, maximizing the worth of his brand. The O.G. definitely left his stamp on the game.


Ice- T- I’m Your Pusher

By: Deion Allen 





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