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TikTok culinary personality Chef Way, whose real name is Waymond Wesley, appears to be finding out the hard way that misogynoir does not pay because now the Chef is getting cooked (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) by Black Twitter for resurfaced tweets from 2015 and 2016 that reveal his apparent disdain for Black women.

On Monday, Wesley took to Twitter to apologize to the women he “hurt” and declare himself a changed and “healed” man. Of course, since his digital mea culpa only came a day after folks on Twitter started pulling receipts on Wesley and his place of employment, not many people were buying his change of heart.

“To those I’ve hurt with my past tweets that have resurfaced, I am deeply sorry,” Wesley tweeted. “That was a moment in my life where I was sick in more ways than one. Cooking saved me. You have watched a flawed man heal. I will continue to heal and learn. Thanks for being along for the journey.”


Unfortunately for Wesley, not many people came to join him on his “journey.” But they did give him a proper send-off to the Land of Self-Loathing Black Men by way of Twitter dragging.

Some responders posted screenshots of old tweets where Wesley appeared to disparage Black women’s bodies, compare them to trash, tell dark-skinned women they are “too Black,” and even go so far as to say that “if Black lives mattered to Sandra Bland, she wouldn’t have taken her own life.”

And of course, some came at him about turning off the comments on his TikTok account, likely because it makes him look like he’s trying to avoid accountability, which would undermine his apology.

Other Black women came with personal testimonies alleging that he harassed them online.

“You commented on one of my pics on my old account and said my dark skin made me ugly, I was in high school,” one woman claimed. “Called me all types of butterface. You said if I was light skinned I’d look better. Now you’re a chef? That’s crazy.”

“This man told me I needed to unalive myself years ago after my arrest and harassed me for no reason,” another woman recalled. “I didn’t harm anyone or do anything to anybody. And he used a time in my life when I was homeless and poor as a formerly incarcerated woman to kick me down even further.”

Apparently, the old Twitter posts by Chef Wesley ended up being the recipe for his social comeuppance.

In fact, things got so bad for Wesley that Anova Culinary, a San Francisco-based smart kitchen company, ended its affiliation with the Uncle Ruckus of Gordon Ramsays.

“I believe that brands are about values,” Anova CEO Stephen Svajian tweeted. “We want to partner with individuals that reflect our own values. Chef way clearly does not represent the values we hold dear.”

Now would be a good time to point out that it would have been 100% free for Wesley to either respect Black women or leave them alone.


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