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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami tackles the subject of sexual violence with an assist from #MeToo founder, Tarana Burke. Jessie Woo leads the charge by talking to Trina about all the BS she has had to deal with in the industry. She comes to tears as she talks about how a popular producer raped her. Trina comforts her and is inspired to meet up with Tarana Burke after hearing Jessie’s story. Mind you, this is the first step toward taking hip-hop to task when it comes to sexual violence because the #MeToo Movement hasn’t caught on in the music space yet. Trina’s theory is that people are more afraid to burn bridges in hip-hop, which could true. It’s either that or, people just don’t want to come to terms with some of the misogynistic lyrics and real-life behavior they’re complicit in. I digress. The meeting resulted in Tarana interviewing Trina as a correspondent for Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk. They discuss Trina’s career, her unapologetic nature, her brother’s death and more. Tarana is also having another event in Miami related to the #MeToo Movement and Trina is invited. Hold that thought.

Meanwhile, Joy finds out that if she stays in her marriage then she would be contractually obligated to pay Trick half of everything she makes due to his financial problems. So basically, she can’t start any businesses or really move forward right now. She knows she can’t count on Trick to come up with the money for the divorce ($50,000 or maybe even more), so she has a car wash fundraiser to make it happen. Trick crashes that fundraiser acts like a manbaby and tries to sabotage her. He gives her a condescending $40 before leaving but it doesn’t matter because she’s distraught. Then Trina comes through with her calming energy and asks her why she didn’t just ask her for the money. Joy doesn’t think it’s fair for that to be on Trina, but Trina blessed her cousin anyway. She gives her a check for an undisclosed amount and refuses to let Joy refuse it. Joy is finally going to get her divorce.

The next moment is at Gunplay’s listening party. This is where Amara finally gets to talk to Keyara about the whole sliding in Gunplay’s DM’s situation. Mind you, Keyara and Gunplay are broken up now, but Keyara still feels some type of way. In short, they keep it classy. Keyara says she went through Gunplay’s phone and found what she was looking for. She said she saw Amara asking Gunplay out and flirting with him with emojis. Amara says she has no interest in Gunplay and that she’s naturally friendly and bubbly so the perceived flirting was misconstrued. She also said she wasn’t trying to kick it to him. She was actually trying to network since they’re both artists. It seems believable. Keyara buys it and she and Armara agree to let bygones be bygones.

Look at them being mature!

Finally, Tarana Burke invited some of the women to a panel she’s doing at Center for social Change discussing how she founded #Meetoo and healing from sexual violence. Trina, Jessie, and Chinese Kitty show up to support. Jessie breaks down in tears again thinking about what happened to her and the women in the room support her. She tells her story again but also explains how she’s bitter that the person who raped her is living an abundant life and doesn’t feel free when that person doesn’t seem to be facing any type of punishment. Then Chinese Kitty shares her story about being drugged, raped and thrown on the side of the road and just when you’re thinking that everyone is trash, Tarana steps up with her warm spirit and comforts them. She offers powerful words about finding and embracing the joy they already have in their lives in order to move forward.

Hope you got the serious stuff out of your system because it gets ratchet again next week.


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