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Mouse Lands In Fryer At Texas Whataburger 

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Source: n/a / Whataburger

This story is one that may certainly ruin your appetite or at least when it comes to Whattaburger!

A customer at a Texas Whataburger cause the moment when a mouse was spotted on the counter at the burger chain.  When another customer went behind the counter to try to catch it … well lets just say it wasn’t good for the mouse!

On the video, you can see the rodent try and escape capture only to land in a deep fryer!  YUCK!

Brushawn Lewis, who uploaded the video, wrote, “This s— is crazy I’m at whataburger in Bastrop Tx. It’s a damn rat just out in the open!”.

“Oh, he went in the grease! That h*e is fried!” said Lewis. The video was viewed over 1 million times.

The restaurant offered customers refunds for their orders.

A spokesman for Whataburger restaurants responded to the Facebook post, saying the particular Whataburger location was shut down and “sanitized”.  (Yeah, OK)

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. At Whataburger, cleanliness and food safety are top priorities for us. In this instance, we closed the restaurant out of an abundance of caution and notified pest control. The entire restaurant has since been cleaned and sanitized. We addressed this situation as quickly as possible, reinforcing procedures with our Family Members.

While we’ll continue to be very diligent, it’s important to know there was no history of this type incident at this unit and there is no ongoing issue. A member of our team would like to reach out and address any concerns. Can you please share your contact information with us?”

Check out the video!  WARNING… it contains strong language and may be disturbing to some!

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