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Earthquake is in Dallas this weekend, but he’s not a fan. He doesn’t want to spend too much time in the “Lucifer’s land,” with “this God forgotten team,” he says. He hates the Dallas Cowboys so much they’re “right below the Klan!” And he’s a good Christian so he knows God won’t allow “trump to be president again” and allow the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl! He just “can’t stand them!”

He’s not exactly a fan of a good team…he’s from D.C. so he’s a Washington Football Team fan. His logic is that sometimes you’ve got to love things that don’t love you back! Like a woman who loves a “no good man” he believes “he’s going to change.” But, he can admit that “the Washington Football Team play like they don’t even practice. Just Terrible.” But nobody is worse than the Cowboys!

See him this weekend in Dallas at the Arlington Improv.

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