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Faith Walking: With Guest Pastor Mike JR

faith walking

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This is Pastor Mike Jr, I’m filling in for my big sister, Erica Campbell on get up mornings with Erica Campbell and this is your faith walk. Let’s talk about it. I want to talk about six types of toxic people. Let’s start with this quote. In order to be you, you must discover who is not for you. And there are 6 types of people who are not for you. Are you ready to take good notes? And I want you to tag me.  




Projects are those who you should be building with, but you spend all of your time having to build up. I can’t be my best me if I’m always working on you.  


Parasites. Parasites are those who only make withdrawals from you, but never make deposits. You drain my energy and my peace. But you never to me.  


Pretenders, pretenders of those with great potential. But they are committed to bad patterns, 


Pain killers. These are the type of people who make your flesh feel good, but they kill your faith. It may not be a sin to be around them, but they shall take you backwards. 


Possessive people. Possessive people attempt to use care as control, so they say things like. I just don’t want you to get hurt.  


But little do they know they are holding you back from becoming what God has for you. I may fall. I may come up short. I may get hurt. But God is God enough to keep me in the midst of the fire and number six. Oh, it’s petty people. Petty people create mountains out of mole hills. Instead of helping you overcome. They leave you overwhelmed, so Get Up Morning with Erica. Let’s go over one more time. #1 project. #2 parasites. #3 for tenders. #4 painkillers, #5 possessive people. And number six, petty people. If you’re going to be all God called you to be. 00:02:04 Speaker 1 

Away from those six types of people and the church said Amen. 

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