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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 10

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Real Housewives of Atlanta has returned for season 10, can you believe it?! The gang’s all here, minus Shady Phaedra. Kandi and Todd are back and better than ever. They’ve moved past the drama with Phaedra and Porsha and are now it’s business as usual. Old Lady Gang, their family restaurant is open and so far so good. Kandi has a lot going on between running businesses, being a mom and she’s about to go back on tour with Xscape! She needs to figure out how to balance everything while keeping her sanity.

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Cynthia is 50, fabulous and living it up at Lake Bailey and she’s preparing to celebrate with a costume party. We’ll get to that in a minute because you know what always goes down at the parties.

Next, it’s Kenya. You know how she has been reaching far and wide every season for a storyline, right? It always involves a man. This time around she found one to “marry” her. She is allegedly married to a New York restauratuer (Marc Daly). They dated for about seven months before getting married but this time around she’s being secretive about her relationship.

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Yup. Thirst bucket Kenya, who has been very vocal every season aboutt wanting to be married didn’t even invite her friends to the wedding. Naturally, Cynthia and Nene link up at Lake Bailey to gossip about this. Then Kenya comes over and they call her out for flipping the script. They want receipts, but Kenya is playing coy for now, claiming she doesn’t want “outside girls” to ruin their relationship, and won’t even call the man by his name (even though we obviously know what it is by now).


Porsha is back and none of the ladies in the RHOA group aren’t rocking with her except for Sheree. She hasn’t even spoken to Phaedra since that incident, but Phaedra did invite her to her birthday party. Speaking of birthday parties, Porsha is also going to Cynthia’s party where she’ll run into Kandi and Nene.

You didn’t forget about that did you? Nene and Porsha are on the outs too. They used to have a

big sis/little sis relationship, but not anymore. Nene feels that their issue stems from advice Nene tried to give her that she didn’t like. Porsha feels like Nene has been talking way too recklessly about her to #theblogs and in the media (Nene called Porsha and Phaedra Frick and Fraud on WWHL, for example, and said they’re declassing the show). Sheree’s solution is for them is to talk it out at the party. Suuuuuree, that’s gonna go well.

Fast forward to Cynthia’s party. It starts off okay. Then Porsha sees Kandi and we get a little nervous. However, Porsha delivers an overzealous, “Hey girl,” like everything is all good, but Kandi keeps it cute and cold and greets her, but heads to another part of the venue shortly after because she’s not with the fakeness. Nene totally gets Kandi. Sheree is present for their conversation and claims she feels like she’s caught in the middle so she decides that this is the opportune moment for Nene and Porsha’s peace treaty.


It obviously doesn’t go well at all. But at the same time, no fists were thrown and no wigs were snatched so that’s a small victory, right? Nene actually left in the middle of their heated discussion before things could escalate. We end on Kandi singing Happy Birthday to Cynthia.

We’re just getting started though. There’s definitely drama lurking below the surface and there’s more where that came from next week.


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