Cardi B. opens up about feeling anxious when it comes to new music. Da Brat explains this and shares why Kanye West lost his honorary degree. 

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago rescinded Kanye West's honorary degree because of his antisemitic comments.

Jamal Bryant feels like starting a weed business on his church's property will bring black men back to church. 

Merriam-Webster just announced its Word of the Year for 2022! The word gaslighting saw a 1,740% increase this year.

It looks like Pastor Jamal Bryant has an idea that he thinks will bring more black men to church. He plans to start a cannabis business.

Lori Harvey says she will not be caught slipping! Sources have come forward saying that Lori makes men sign an NDA before dating her.

Takeoff's unfortunate passing has been tragic and now his family is fighting over his estate.

We have an update in the Front Page News about toddler's and vaccines, the Georgia elections, and Kyrie Irving losing his deal.

Rickey Smiley shares his thoughts on how people reacted to Deion Sanders' decision on leaving Jackson State University. 

There were mixed thoughts on Coach Prime's decision to leave JSU & some are calling him a sellout. RSMS discusses Deion Sanders' decision.