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A new study has found that former NFL players are more likely to have an irregular heart rhythm that can lead to stroke. 460 retired NFL players that were a part of the study were found to be 6 times more likely to have this irregular rhythm than men who are not athletes. 80% diagnosed […]

US Customs and border security data shows that over 1,100 people from 19 African countries have been illegally arrested at the US Mexico border since May 30. Cameroonians have been seeking asylum in the US in larger numbers. So, this is our problem. We shouldn’t be ignoring this issue because we believe it doesn’t affect […]

As odd as this sounds, cheating can actually save your relationship. Think about it this way…cheating can push “puppy love” into becoming something deeper. It can also aid in conflict avoidance, it can help you identify things that need attention, you may never even find out. So, all cheating isn’t destructive it may actually work […]

There are some things that none of us can seem to remember! You may think you’re forgetful but I promise it’s not just you. Most of us forget our kids names at some point, and we all forget to pay that one bill that’s not on auto-pay. And of course none of us can remember […]

CVS is starting to test out their new home dialysis program. The program will allow patients to do their dialysis in the comfort of their own homes and it’s small enough to fit in a cabinet. What do you think about this? Jasmine isn’t too big of a fan of doing Dialysis at home…but that […]

While dating there are sometimes warning signs that the relationship won’t work out. Unfortunately a lot of women ignore these signs. A lot of the time women ignore the fact that she and her man can’t agree on anything, he doesn’t like your friends and they don’t like him. Check out the full list in […]

A little while back Serena Williams did a photo shoot for a magazine and she looked great! However, some folks weren’t fans of one photo where her butt was exposed. Someone commented that they wishes she’d been more covered in the photo and DL said he wishes she’d shown more. Well..that comment didn’t sit well […]

If you’re in a perfectly good relationship, good for you! But, look out for these 10 things that can completely ruin your relationship. If you place too much attention on your mate and your whole life revolves around them that can make them feel smothered. You can also ruin your good relationship by telling your […]

Donald Trump and his followers just can’t leave the four congresswomen of color, who people call “the squad,” alone. He has been attacking these four women for weeks, saying they should go back to where they came from and going as far as to call them antisemitic. Meanwhile when the white supremacists held a rally […]

This week’s movie is called “Crawl,” it tells the story of a young woman who got stuck in a house during a Category 5 hurricane while trying to save her father. As the house floods she is forced to fight for her life, not only to not drown but to not be attacked by alligators. […]