The D.L. Hughley Show

There are some painful ways you can realize you’re just a booty call to your boo. If he asks you to pick him up from a date, you’re probably a booty call. If he makes breakfast in the morning for one, you’re probably just a booty call. If he leaves as soon as you guys […]

Sometimes D.L. can upset people with the things that he says. In this case he really upset someone becuase of one very important thing that he didn’t say. In the beginning D.L. was a powerful voice and advocate for Flint, Michigan. He demanded that they people of Flint get clean water. But now, a listener […]

Donald Trump was harder on 5 innocent boys who were wrongly accused of a crime than he is on a Saudi Prince who had a man murdered. He believes the words of lying District Attorneys  and Judges but not the FBI or CIA. He chooses to believe what he wants to believe. Talking about When […]

Sometimes it seems like when you’re single all you can think about is your next relationship. But, don’t forget that there are some pretty sweet perks of being single. You could go weeks without shaving or waxing because you have no one to impress. You can also have your bottle of wine all to yourself! […]

A new study found that women who never marry or have children are among the happiest people. It also found that women benefit less from marriage than men. After marriage men take less risks and live longer while women have to “put up with that” and die sooner. So ladies….if you’re not married and don’t […]

D.L. watched Ava DuVernay’s 4 part Netflix series When They See Us and called it “both the most beautiful and sad thing,” he had ever seen. It tells the story of the Central Park 5; teenage boys who were arrested and convicted of a rape they did not commit. They were targeted and made an […]

Recently Niecy Nash sat down with a group of actresses for a round table with The Hollywood Reporter. The actresses were asked, “what is it that you don’t want to do;” a lot of the actresses said things like “I don’t want to be objectified by men.” But, Nash shocked them when her answer was […]

Lawmakers in Texas have approved a bill that makes it legal for unlicensed gun owners to carry a handgun in public after a natural disaster. For example if a hurricane hits they can carry their handguns with them 48 hours after a mandatory evacuation order. The new law goes into effect September 1, 2019. D.L. […]

‘Ma’ is a thriller starring Octavia Spencer and it was highly anticipated. In the film, white kids befriend Spencer’s character “Ma” and they think they’re living the life! They used her home as a party house where they could be free and unsupervised. But, just as they think life can’t get much better…it gets worse […]

Colorado is once again taking the lead and showing the rest of the country how things should be done. They’ve cut insulin costs and passed a law stating that diabetic people shouldn’t spend over $100 per month on insulin. This is such a big deal because insulin prices have been on the rise lately and […]