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From dynamic insights to transformative wisdom, this week’s podcast lineup is a rich collection of perspectives to keep you entertained and inspired. We laugh with the crew from “I Hate The Homies” and delve into some motivation from “Mind, Body & Business” to keep you going this weekend. We also journey with comedian Amanda Seales through her thought-provoking comedic political documentary on “Small Doses.” Then, buckle up for an enriching session of life lessons and success strategies on “The Morning Hustle.” Engaging dialogues seamlessly traverse a landscape that encompasses everything from sports and personal growth to creativity and spirituality, promising a whirlwind of emotions and ideas that these podcasts breathe to life.

The Urban One Podcast Network has a vast variety of content bring insights, personal development, and humor into a unique listener experience. On the latest episode of “I Hate The Homies,” Rickey Smiley joins to homies to rep his Alabama Crimson Tide along with some news around Sha’Carri Richardson’s empowering declaration. Prepare to be surprised with news about Steph Curry, and witness the blossoming bond between Jordan’s son and Ms. Pippen, all while Supa DAVE and “GRIFF” passionately clash over pre-season opinions.

Meanwhile, in celebration of its one-year anniversary, “Mind, Body & Business” unveils Episode 52, embodying growth and evolution through meaningful conversations. Maria’s empowering discussions encourage listeners to embrace change, seize opportunities, and wholeheartedly engage with life’s offerings. Enrich yourself with the empowering insights of Amanda Seales on “Small Doses,” and join the motivating journey of The Snowman on “The Morning Hustle,” where tales of entrepreneurship, self-investment, and mental health unveil transformative insights. These podcasts are your compass to traverse topics ranging from leadership and mental well-being to creativity and spirituality, leaving you both enlightened and entertained.


Here Are 5 Episodes you missed on the Urban One Podcast Network:

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1. ‘Listen to Black Women’ Church Girls

For the final episode of Listen to Black Women: The Podcast Season 1, our host Lore’l speaks with Wande, Jekalyn Carr, and Jessica White about being faithful to one’s beliefs while keeping it fly in these modern times. The ladies discuss everything from love to family to their careers and how their spirituality impacts each of those aspects of their lives.

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2. ‘I Hate The Homies’ Rickey Smiley’ Sha’Carri, Steph Curry & The New Jordans Walk Into A Podcast

Rickey Smiley shared his insights on the Alabama Crimson Tide, while the dynamic Sha’Carri Richardson emphatically declared that she’s not just back, but better. The homies continue with Steph Curry, who defied expectations by revealing an unexpected response to a question. Love is in the air as the Jordan’s and Ms. Pippen’s bond grows even stronger, bringing a twist. And amidst all the excitement, Supa DAVE and “GRIFF” clash over their opinions on pre-season.

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3. ‘Mind, Body, and Business’ Success Strategies for an Evolving Life

Do you know what today is? It is our anniversary. Yes, Mind, Body & Business is celebrating one year with Episode 52. So no matter if this is your first time listening or you have been with us since the beginning, thank you so much for being a part of this journey. This show has grown and evolved since the beginning and that is what we strive to do. 

And in this episode, Maria is talking about steps to take for an evolving life. It is okay to change and grow, and fully take advantage of what life has to offer. For the one-year anniversary of Mind, Body & Business, Maria is giving success strategies for an evolving life by playing clips from her favorite guests to remind us to change. 

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4. ‘Small Doses’ Side Effects of In Amanda We Trust

Your favorite truth teller, comedian, Amanda Seales, is dropping gems on Small Doses a weekly podcast that brings you potent truths for everyday use. In this week’s episode, Amanda Seales takes us on an inspiring journey as we dive into the world of creative independence and political comedy. Plus, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how Seales put together her very first political comedy documentary releasing soon.

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5. ‘The Morning Hustle’ JEEZY Talks New Book; His Life Growing Up; & Mental Health

Rapper/CEO/Entrepreneur Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins joins The Morning Hustle with Lore’l and Kyle Santillian to talk about his new book, Adversity For Sale: Ya Gotta Believe. Jeezy talks about his purpose for writing his book and what the title really means. He talks about his life growing up and what he learned from his early days that have shaped his life. Jeezy also talked about how he had to let some people go that was around before. He also spoke about investing in himself without really knowing he was doing that. While on The Morning Hustle, Jeezy described his time first entering the rap game and having so much turmoil in his life from the streets. In the book, Jeezy opened up about his mental health. AND MUCH MORE!

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