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Michael Jackson’s Most Iconic Fashion Pieces (PHOTOS)  was originally published on

1. 1. Michael Jackson wore a red leather jacket with zippers in his ‘Beat It’ video that inspired millions to wear one too.

2. 2. Michael in his signature shorter black pants, with his white socks showing and black loafers.

3. 3. Michael wearing one of his many military jackets that were often sequined.

4. 4. Michael Jackson wearing his signature single white glove, which might be his most iconic piece.

5. 5. Michael was always seen wearing aviators wherever he went.

6. 6. Michael wearing his white shirt with black pants and a black fedora, which he wore often. Photo Credit: Getty.

7. 7. Michael was often seen wearing tape on his fingers to hide the discoloration of his fingers from the vitiligo disease, but it eventually became a fashion statement for his fans.