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Tupac Shakur was one of the most inspirational and poetic rappers to ever hit the world of Hip Hop. When he died on September 7, 1996, the Hip Hop community mourned the loss of such a talented individual. However, the question remains over many years, who killed Tupac?

Attorney Ben Crump known for representing the family of Trayvon Martin has a new show with A & E called Who Killed Tupac?  It explores all the theories, myths, and evidence in the case each week to bring the audience a new view on the death of Tupac.

“There have been many things done on this issue, but nobody has done it in a very exhaustive extensive manor like we’re doing Tom. We’re trying to get Tupac the investigation that he never got, ” explained Crump. “We have tracked down every piece of evidence, all the theories and at the end of each episode Tom you’re going to be shaking your head. And at the grand finale, it’s going to be explosive.”

Although this show gives a good chance of giving closure to the Tupac mystery, Crump notes that it’s not just about Tupac.

“The big thing Tom and Sybil, when I was working on the Trayvon Martin case, Tupac’s mother reached out to me,” explained Crump. “She wanted to make contact with Sabrina, Trayvon’s mother because she told me she too was the mother of a child who was killed in senseless gun violence.”

He continued, “She told Tom, I always remember this she said, ‘But it’s not just about Trayvon and Tupac but it’s about all our young black men out there who are being killed and nobody is being held accountable.’”

Be sure to catch this show on A & E on Tuesday’s starting a 10 pm.

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