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The Alabama special election race is closing in as it ends on December 12, 2017. Roy Moore who has been trailed by sex allegations and has the endorsement of President Donald Trump is running against Doug Jones. Roland Martin talks with Rose Sanders the coordinator of the Vote or Die Campaign and Duwana Thompson the creator of the Woke Vote program about getting the word out to Black voters.

“So many people didn’t even know there was an election. Even those who knew don’t realize that this is a vote or die election,” expressed Sanders.

She’s done extensive work in trying to raise awareness of this election among the Black community that previously wasn’t receiving adequate campaigning.

“We have to energize our base.” “The white supremacist agenda is going to be implicated if Roy Moore is elected.”

Duwana Thompson and her Woke Vote Program work with HBCU students to get them educated about the election and the importance of voting. She’s been fundraising to help bring awareness to students.

“We have seen everything go up in a dramatic way. I think the students were so energized to feel like they were supported not only by local individuals but by your national program (Roland’s), ” expressed Thompson. “They’re now out there trying to they’re in competition with each other trying to figure out how many students can commit to vote.”

If you’re in Alabama or know someone there get them to go out to vote.

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