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Back in January,  former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan, who also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, claimed that Omarosa got down with the orange swirl and had relations with Donald Trump. She said on The Unstabled, podcast, “Allegedly, I have a friend of a friend of hers that — there is some talk that there may have been some inappropriateness between the two…allegedly.”

Omarosa hasn’t addressed the rumor until now — and of course it took another ratchet reality star, Brandi Glanville who is formerly of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, to ask if Omarosa had sex with Trump. How did Omarosa respond? “Hell no! Brandi! Oh my God — that is horrible!”

Brandi, looking shocked that Omarosa was shocked by the question, reminded her that Trump is a bonafide whore, “Apparently a lot of girls do!” Omarosa said she’s not, but of course she deflected and added, “There’s somebody in the White House who is sleeping around with everybody.” Nobody asked you about the White house, doll. The question was about you.

Brandi also said she heard of several women from The Apprentice who have slept with Trump, but Omarosa said she is just “ratings gold” and “People throw that out when they don’t have anything left else to attack you for.”  Girl, there is plenty to attack you for, whether you slept with Trump or not. See the moment below.

Who knows if Omarosa did the bump and grind with Trump. But her response is peculiar because when people lie, especially on reality television, they usually deflect to something else. According to, “A person who is telling a lie will get defensive. They will do everything in their power to deflect your attention away from themselves”and “liars provide additional information without being asked for it.” This is exactly what Omarosa did, bringing up The White House, saying she is “ratings gold” for The Apprentice and complaining about being attacked.

More than likely she didn’t have sex with Trump but these are the type of questions you get when you go from a ratchet White House to a ratchet reality show.


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