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I’m a rookie who sounds like I’ve been in the game for a long time; it’s just the quality of the music I’m making,” declares 17-year-old rapper Y Chibi.

Get to know rising artist Ychibi with Jazzi Black as she has a 1 on 1 and talks about his new hit single ” Big dog”, his childhood, and how he became an artist at such a young age.

The Dallas, Texas native of Nigerian heritage used his 2020 to make a powerful introduction to the world. His Fresh Ayr-produced Pain-Tence mixtape yielded the “Life Is Short” music video as well as melodic-yet-personal tracks like “Two Face” and “Easy To Die”—all achieving strong six figures at streaming. Currently wrapping up his debut album, Chibi is all-in on music.

“My life switched in one year. I remember when my mama was struggling to pay her rent. Seeing where I’m at now, I don’t want us ever to go back.”

Y Chibi translates to “heaven-sent,” adding the initial for young. The idea of divinity is something the streetwise rapper carries with him. “I truly feel that I am heaven-sent. Through all of the predicaments that I’ve been in, I always had God with me; He guided me a lot,” shares the rapper.

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