India Arie has let us know time and time again that she is not her hair. Nevertheless, being the down to earth Black girl that she is, she openly shared her hair journey through its various stages after haters tried to get on her for her edges, for jumping on the ‘big chop’ bandwagon and more.

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Swipe Left: My hair journey this year: 1) is 18 months of growth from a flat low cut, i tried to trim my ends on NYE and messed it up 😆 2) The "tree braids" I had done for the Grammys no make up ~ it was 9 am when we finished lol (12hrs of braiding) 3) Grammy hair all picked out! 4) my first low hair cut in 22 months – these are my curls! 5) i went back 3 days later and got it ALL cut off ~ 6) back at a low cut ~ 7) and it feels good for now. CERTAINLY! I will grow it out again at some point lol … until then, I'm enjoying the BEST part of having low hair ~ the EXQUISITE pleasure of brushing my head hair and scalp! (at least 10times a day! Lol) 👉🏾 p.s. See my open letter link in my bio ✌🏾 #iamnotmyhair #iamlight #worthy #brownskin #songversation #songversationmedicine #grammy2018 #naturalhair #blackgirlmagic

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The currently cropped cutie started the photo series showing us her hair length from 18 months of growth and confessed that she tried to give herself a trim on NYE and messed up!

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

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She shares a behind the scenes look of her “tree braids” that she had done for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. Arie admitted that the style took 12 hours to complete and it wasn’t done until 9AM.

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She gives us a look at her natural curl pattern, sharing a throwback of the first low cut she had in almost two years. Her tightly coiled curls are perfect! She quickly admitted that it only took her three days to go back to the salon and get it all cut off.

Her current style is this low cut. Debuting the look in mid-March, people had a lot to say which led the I Am Not My Hair singer to remind them: SHE IS NOT HER HAIR. (Go girl!)

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🎼 I AM NOT MY HAIR I AM NOT THIS SKIN I AM NOT YOUR EXPECTATIONS NO I AM NOT MY HAIR I AM NOT THIS SKIN I AM THE SOUL THAT LIVES WITHIN. BEEN Black Girl Magic since before we were CALLING it Black Girl Magic. Don’t get it twisted now! #wakandaforever – But THIS me being ME. This is who I BEEN. I can’t even COUNT the times I’ve cut my hair lol ~ ya’ll know me. 1. Some one said, I need a line up – I am VERY intentional about my hair. I think line ups ar masculine – i Iike my edges soft. #Imjustsaying 2. those how think i was wearing wigs – I wasn’t – usually i had a nice sized fro and would add BRAIDS to it – not wigs. And I wore a wig or two. SO WHAT #justdoyou 3. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me ( unless you like it! Lol is which case HEY BOO! hahaahahah!) #worthy Love to all #Soulbirdsworldwide #iamlight #iamnotmyhair

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She let the haters know, “Your opinion doesn’t matter to me (unless you like it! LOL in which case, HEY BOO! Hahaha!).

Forget the haters, Ms. Arie! We love your hair and the freeness from societal pressures that you encompass.


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