Roland Martin: How Do African-Americans Raise Their Credit Score?


It’s a hope and a desire of many to buy the cars they’ve always wanted, to buy property and become home owners. It’s nice to call those things your own but above that they become tools to build your wealth. The key to all these things is to have a good credit score.

John Hope Bryant is the founder of Operation Hope a not for profit organization that specializes in giving financial literacy. Roland Martin talks with Bryant about how African-Americans can raise their credit score and increase their wealth.

“We got together the largest bank meeting in the world for the empowerment of the poor here. There’s one statistics that sums it all up,” explained Bryant. “There’s one number that we’ve ignored. 44% half basically of all Black people have a credit score below 620.”

A percentage like that is what cripples the African-American community and stops them from building wealth.

“No bank can give you a loan to start your small business dream. You can’t get a decent home loan,” explains Bryant. “You can’t get a decent loan at all if you have 580 credit score.”

Bryant suggest African-Americans get smart and learn all they can about increasing their credit score so that they can buy homes and own land.

“We got to now upgrade out skills. There’s meetings about upgrading your software, mental software to compete in a world where you are relevant,” explained Bryant. “We got to get our credit scores up, we have to become home owners, entrepeneurs, small business owners.”



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