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Ladies, if you want a man to buy you a drink, ask him to buy you one of these and see how hard he laughs at you…

Keeping Up with the Jerry Joneses: Gran Patron Platinum, Grand Marnier Centerario, fresh squeezed lime juice, raw agave.

Where: Jalisco Norte

Price: $50

This glorified, and glorious, margarita, is worth sipping. Seriously.

Oliver’s Dream: Beluga vodka, blanc vermouth, served with caviar, sea beans, lemon pearls, and Picholine olives.

Where: The French Room

Price: $75

Martinis, though basic in recipe, usually have a caché all of their own. Like a Bloody Mary, a lot of what makes this drink remarkable is what comes with it. This opulent “garnish” is practically a meal. And a fancy meal at that.

The Crocus: Nolet’s Reserve Gin, smoked dried saffron, saffron oil.

Where: Tipsy Alchemist

Price: $100

This cocktail is the most straightforward and spirit-forward on the list. And, seeing as the gin used in this drink is one of the most expensive on the market, ringing in at $28 an ounce, Tipsy Alchemist wanted to simply make this cocktail all about the gin. Since Nolet’s Reserve is distilled from the Crocus Flower, which is the flower from which Saffron comes, they simply brought out the saffron notes in the spirit. Oh, and you won’t find a garnish on this cocktail.

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I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. For that much money, these drinks better drive me home and tuck me in.

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