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With Trump’s tepid response to Hurricane Maria-ravaged areas having infuriated thousands on social media, the Congressional Black Caucus is calling out the president for his infuriating missteps. The lacking help in U.S. Virgins Islands is “unacceptable,” said Cedric Richmond, chairman of the CBC in a letter Thursday.

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The U.S. Virgin Islands was whipsawed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which left seven people dead and thousands without food, water and shelter, said Richmond. The islands are still without basic resources just days after landfall, and Richmond is urging 45 to provide medical supplies and shelter. He also is asking for the appointment of a “central coordinating” officials to assess disaster-related needs and coordinate an interagency response.

“The United States Virgin Islands need our help and they need it now,” said Richmond. “I urge you to immediately provide supplies and medical equipment, including medical ships, and assist rescue and evacuation efforts. I urge you to provide desperately-needed manpower to get supplies out of containers and into the hands of the people who need them.”

He continued, “I also urge you to utilize all available resources to provide short- and long-term shelter for displaced Americans, including creative, previously successful means, such as cruise ships and flotels. Lastly, due to the unique challenges facing the territory, I urge you to appoint a central coordinating official for disaster response and recovery efforts in the United States Virgin Islands. One coordinating official responsible for assessing the needs on the ground and organizing interagency resources will help ensure the most efficient response.”

The island face unique challenges like Puerto Rico. Richmond explained that the only “hospital on St. Thomas was destroyed by Hurricane Irma and the main hospital on St. Croix can only provide emergency services with one operating room, which has left those who are sick without the medical attention they need to get better, including people who need dialysis who have been without it for days.”

Also, more than 90 percent of the three islands remain without power and it will likely take months to fully restore it.



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