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Living to see 100 may not be as hard as you think.  100 people who have lived to be at least 100 years old were interviewed and here are the ten most common tips to living a long life:)

1.  Ignore traditional advice about your diet.  29% said it was one of their secrets.

2.  Eat healthy, 25%.  So, the opposite of the first one.

3.  Stay active, 22%.

4.  Stay positive, 18%.

5.  Drink alcohol REGULARLY, 16%.  The best quote they found was from a 111-year-old guy who said that, “Putting a little bourbon in your morning coffee is like medicine.”

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6.  DON’T drink too much, and don’t smoke, 12%.  One of the best quotes for that one was from a 106-year-old lady who said, “I never smoked, I never drank, I never cussed, I never lied, and I never chased cowboys.”

7.  Maintain meaningful relationships, 10%.

8.  Always try to get a good night’s sleep, 9%.

9.  Be nice to people, 9%.

10.  Have faith, 9%.

-Queen Indy Bee (@Queenindybee)

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