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With the spike in corona virus cases in Dallas County, there is always a need for more testing sites. Dallas-based Project Unity is conducting coronavirus testing at five sites across Dallas with testing available once a week at each site on different days of the week, Monday through Friday, as part of its “Together We Test” […]

Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter:  Today is Blackout Tuesday. We are standing together and using our economic power to fight racial injustice by supporting only black-owed businesses today on not spending money at all. Nielsen reported that in 2018, Black consumers had an annual buying power of $1.3 trillion  which is $3.5 billion a day. Sign […]

Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter:  Hand Sanitizer is a very important tool in fighting the coronavirus.  But the FDA put out a warning this weekend about nine different brands that could actually CAUSE health issues. They’re all made by a Mexican company called Eskbiochem.  And they contain something called wood methanol that’s extremely toxic. It […]

Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter:  Thursday night, Dallas residents were invited to join an online Town Hall to discuss the role of the Community Police Oversight board. It was hosted by Councilman Casey Thomas, who represents southern Dallas, with police monitor Tonya McClary; chairman Jesuorobo Enobakhare Jr., chairman Changa Masomakali and community activist Olinka Green. […]

Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter:  We’ve always heard that laughter is good for the soul and its the best medicine. Well, we can definitely use a lot of this medicine during this time. Here’s why you should be laughing hysterically as much as possible. 1. Laughing raises your heart rate. When we laugh, our body […]

Looks like we’ll be able to do a little movin’ and shakin’ this weekend! Texas has entered into the second phase of reopening just in time for Memorial Day weekend. As of today, Bars are now allowed to reopen at 25% capacity Restaurants can increase there occupancy can increase to 50%. Outdoor seating in NOT […]

Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter:  The Dallas City Council approved a mortgage and rental assistance program that could launch as early as Monday. $6.1 million dollars will be available for residents who have lost their jobs or have been furloughed due to the Coronavirus. If selected, eligible households can receive up to $1,500 in rent […]

Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter:  If you ever doubted the existence of UFOs, maybe these videos will change your mind. Yesterday, The Pentagon released three videos. One shows the notorious 2004 “Tic Tac” incident that was recorded over the Pacific Ocean.  A second video was captured off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, in 2015  and an […]

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Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter:  As you may know, The Geto Boys rapper, Scarface (Brad Terrence Jordan) has been battling COVID-19. In a zoom chat video with band mate Willie D, he revealed he’s on dialysis due to kidney failure, a result of complications from COVID-19.   He said he was “inches away from death” […]