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Escape Room, Jay Ellis

Source: Sony / THE MRKT

Jay Ellis is a busy busy man. Not only did he recently complete the third season of Insecure, he’s also got a few films in the works. The 36-year-old TV heartthrob is currently starring in the long awaited Top Gun sequel, “Top Gun: Maverick” and in 2019, we can expect to see him on the big screen in Escape Room.

Escape Room tells the story of six strangers who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits to survive. What was initially a race to a huge cash prize turned into a desperate fight for their lives and according to Ellis, he loved every minute of shooting it.

Escape Room will be the first time fans will get to see Ellis in an action film. According to the star, you’ll get to see him do martial arts, scale walls and so many other things we have not gotten to see him do on Insecure or The Game.

(I mean, sex scenes are nice…really nice… but a fight scene? We can definitely dig that!)

Escape Room, Jay Ellis

Source: Sony / THE MRKT

Jay Ellis took a moment from his busy schedule to chat with Global Grind about the Escape Room film and who he’d choose to do an Escape Room with. He says that his very first escape room experience was after he got the role in this movie (which he shot last year so if you’re wondering, no his schedule did not interfere with Insecure).  When asked about three celebrity friends he’d choose to help him master his escape room Jay Ellis chose:

Idris Elba because he’s strong, chiseled and smart. These are all great things you’d want in someone you’re trusting your life with.

John Legend is also very smart. They don’t call him the Legend for nothing.

Niecy Nash will keep things fun and she’s very motivating. Motivation is key when trying to figure out puzzles and complete obstacles in an escape room. Niecy Nash is an amazing choice.

When asked who he absolutely would not take on his Escape Room adventure, Jay Ellis says he’ll need to leave Neil Brown Jr. aka Chad from Insecure, at home. According to Jay, it’s much too risky. He and Neil are real live friends and they’d probably spend the entire time goofing off with each other to really get anything done.

You gotta respect it.

Escape Room hits theaters in February 2019. Check out an exclusive trailer below!

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