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Not sure why this wasn’t thought of years ago because it makes  sense, especially with the climate we are in right now.  HBO, who has kind of become know for showing a lot of sex scenes is now hiring a professional on all their shows, whose job it is to make sure nothing inappropriate happens during the filming of sex scenes.  They’re calling these people “intimacy coordinators” and they are using them for all of their shows now.

This idea actually came from EMILY MEADE, who plays a prostitute on “The Deuce”.  She says, quote, “When it comes to sexuality, which is one of the most vulnerable things for all humans, men and women, there’s really no system. There’s never been a person required to be there to protect and bring expertise.”

My only questions are, what are the qualifications and how do I apply???

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-Queen Indy Bee (@Queenindybee)

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