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If you follow anyone on social media who encourages you to not vote, or who tells you voting is pointless, you need to unfollow them right now.

Roland Martin says there are a lot of “fake conscious Negroes” who like to preach about prison reform and police brutality, without realizing they have to vote to change those things! You have to vote for district attorneys and sheriffs and judges, that’s how things change. Posting angry videos online does no good if you don’t go and cast your ballot on election day.

Martin urges everyone to not listen to all of these “fake Malcolm X’s” who “know nothing” and are spreading a bunch of  foolishness. Voting is your voice, and your voice matters.

We may not have won everything yesterday but he says, Black people “are not giving up because we have not given up in 399 years,” and we’re not giving up in the 400th year! Adding, “we will fight until hell freezes over and then we will fight on the ice!”




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