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By now you’ve probably heard the story of Cyntoia Brown, but if not here’s a summary. Brown was forced into prostitution as a teenager and killed a man in self defense at 16. She was sentenced to life and the supreme court just ruled that she has to serve 51 years before she’ll be eligible for parole.

Roland Martin talks to Tennessee Representative Harold Love about what we can do to help Ms. Brown.

Governor Bill Haslam is considering clemency for Brown and we can put pressure on him! Love says we need Haslam to make a decision before he leaves office. He granted clemency to another woman who was in a similar situation so Love views that as a good sign.

Email or call Governor Haslam and explain the importance of this case, and urge him to make the right decision before he leaves office.

Email: Phone: (615)741-2001 Hashtag: #FreeCyntoia


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