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Amanda covers the latest Blackurate News, Trump Organization guilty verdict, Ballenciaga drops their lawsuit against the people they blamed for ad campaign, 77 year old home raided over potential stolen iPhone. A young father misunderstood an instruction about his daughter and shared this moment on social media. Jemele Hill joined the show to discuss the Deion Sanders coaching move and Jerry Jones controversy exclusively on the podcast.


(03:03) A Jury Has Found The Trump Organization Guilty On All Nine Counts Against Donald Trump’s Company.  Also The Trial Begins For Cop Who Shot Atatiana Jefferson Through Her Window While She Was Home Unarmed And There Are No Black People On The Jury.

(15:31) Luxury Brand Balenciaga Has Dropped Its $25 Million Lawsuit Against The Producers Who Created A Disturbing Ad Campaign Sexualizing Children. And We Talk About Chuck D Has Issued A Request To Elon Musk: Ban the N-word On Twitter

(21:59)  Boosie Comments About Gabrielle Union Comments With Jemele Hill.

(33:51) 911 Is A Joke: Aclu Lawsuit Claims Swat Team Illegally Raided 77-Year-Old Black Woman’s Home Over A ‘Stolen Iphone’.  Former NFL Star And Tv Pundit Shannon Sharpe Under Fire For Comments Made About Playing For An HBCU.

(57:27) Jemele Hill: Podcast Exclusive Jemele Hill Talks About The Picture That Has Resurfaced With Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Being Spotted Blocking Black Students From Desegregating A School.

(1:12:00) IG Story Reveals Comments Made By Young Joc Saying Female Rappers Will Phase Out Within The Next 180 Days.





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