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Ramona Taylor-Kamate detroit

When a Detroit great grandmother was being mugged by an armed attacker, she reached for her gun and began busting caps at the man.

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Ramona Taylor-Kamate told Fox 2 News Detroit that she was on a bus on the city’s west side around 11:30 a.m. Thursday when a man in his early twenties made an odd request. “He said, ‘Give me my bag auntie.’  I said, ‘I am not your auntie, boy, and this is not your bag.’ So he hit me. So when he hit me, we started fighting,” she explained. When she asked other bus riders, mostly men, for help, one of them told her, “You by yourself, b*tch!”

Taylor-Kamate said there were more men on the bus than women but no one would help her. She continued trading punches with the thug, until he grabbed her purse and ran off the bus–with grandma holding on to him. Other bus riders then yelled, “he’s got a gun.” But what the thug and the bus riders didn’t know was that granny was packing heat, too.

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“He reached down like he was going in his boot,” Taylor-Kamate said. “They already [said] he had a gun in his boot. So he reached down in his boot. When he reached down, I went in my secret compartment, I’m not going to say where it was, and got my H&K out and I started shooting at him.”

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She has a concealed pistol license and said she feared for her life when she fired her 9 millimeter handgun. Taylor-Kamate emptied the clip but it is not known if she hit the mugger or not. Neither she nor anyone else near the scene was hurt. local police arrived on the scene immediately and spoke with Taylor-Kamate and witnesses. The cops are keeping her gun for ballistics evidence in case the mugger shows up at a hospital with gun wounds.

She says she used to be against guns and believed in gun control. But, in light of what happened to her, she is having a change of heart.

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