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Oprah famously interview Michael Jackson at his estate in 1993. They laughed, they smiled, he charmed us with his moonwalk. Fast-forward to today and she’s being slammed for interviewing the alleged survivors of Leaving Neverland.

Comedienne Mo’nique particularly had a problem with Oprah’s interview and questioned if she did it for ratings?

“Here’s a man that was found not guilty in the eyes of the law,” Mo said during the broadcast with her husband Sidney Hicks. “And you wait for 10 years after this man was deceased, to now do an interview with people who said they lied.”

She added,

“For me, it’s sad and disheartening. That man welcomed you in his home. And you spoke of how beautiful, and all the love this man has shown children all over the world.”

Clearly Mo isn’t letting up in Oprah anytime soon.

“When we’re calling someone a molester and they’re no longer here… Michael Jackson is not here to defend himself, which is a major problem. [He was] found not guilty… then you come back and you allow these two men to get on your platform and tell this story, and that man cannot defend himself, who does that?”

What say you? Was Oprah in the right or the wrong?


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