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 DFW Career Fair: Mini Headshot Sign Up

The DFW Career Fair is slowly approaching! Of the many activity stations, participants can enjoy a FREE mini headshot session provided by JCI Creatives! To reserve your spot please click HERE. Limited number of slots available.

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5 Reasons a professional headshot is essential for a new career:

First Impression: Your headshot is the first impression that people will have of you on LinkedIn, and it’s important to make a good one. A professional headshot can help you look confident, approachable, and competent.

  1. Establishes Credibility: A professional headshot gives you credibility and shows that you take your professional image seriously. It can convey to others that you are a professional who pays attention to details.
  2. Differentiation: A professional headshot can help you stand out from the crowd. In a sea of profiles, having a high-quality headshot can make you more memorable and distinguish you from others.
  3. Authenticity: Your LinkedIn profile picture should be a true representation of yourself. A professional headshot can help you convey your personality and show your professionalism in a visually appealing way.
  4. Consistency: Having a professional headshot that you use across all of your professional profiles can help you create consistency and build your personal brand.

Overall, a professional headshot is an important investment in your professional image and can help you make a positive first impression on LinkedIn.

We can’t wait to see you picture ready on Wednesday, April 5th!




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