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Almost halfway through 2019 and a lot of us are asking, “where did the time go?” Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with life coach and author Valorie Burton who has a new book that’ll help us get it together.

Her book, It’s About Time: The Art of Choosing the Meaningful Over the Urgent, was written to help us get the most out of our days.

Burton believes that a lot of us will be able to reclaim our time but simply saying “no” more. “We have to say no more often today because there’s more to say no to,” she explains. A good place to start is with our phones. According to Burton, “91% of people with cellphones keep them within arms reach 24 hours a day.” Most of the time we aren’t doing anything important, just scrolling social media. Digital distractions steal our time, be believe we’ll “save time with technology but we just stuff more into it.”

You can find Burton’s book on Amazon.


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