Ali Siddiq: ‘Hey Man, Where Are The Windless Storms?’


“I am doing fantastic, if I can get these insurance people to fix something with my house, I’ll be good, ” said comedian Ali Siddiq. He had to deal with Hurricane Harvey damage in his home.

“I had storm insurance but I didn’t have wind coverage.,” explained Siddiq. He asked his insurance company, “Hey Man, where are the windless storms.” Getting repairs on his home has been quite the task for him.

Before being a comedian, Siddiq was a drug dealer. He reminisced about his days selling crack to all kinds of people.

“I wouldn’t sell drugs to pregnant women and children. You know how hard it is to not sell to a pregnant woman who wants crack,” he laughed.

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Ali Siddiq: ‘Hey Man, Where Are The Windless Storms?’  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com