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The film Marshall looks at the life of a young Thurgood Marshall who went on to become the first African-American Supreme Court Justice. Chadwick Boseman whose known for the films James Brown and 42 plays Marshall.

“Really really excited about it. It’s a young Thurgood Marshall,” said Boseman. “But it’s a lot of hope in the movie so I’m excited about it.”

The movie comes out October 13, 2017, and will show on 800 screens across the United States. “We are starting out with 800 screens….It’ll hopefully expand after that,” explained Boseman.

People who see this movie will get the chance to learn about who Marshall was. “He gave up a lot in order to do what he did. He had to travel around and sacrificed his family life. He could have had a smooth American life in Harlem,” says Boseman.

On playing Marshall, Boseman expressed, “This was more of an extraction of truth and letting the essence of him come out of me.”

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