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Roland Martin talks to a mother who is grieving the loss of her son and fighting for justice. On the 4th of July Robbie Marshall’s 20-year-old son Kevin Marshall was killed by 27-year-old Joshua Anderson, who she believes should be charged with a hate crime. According to Ms. Marshall, Kevin had special needs and had the mind of a 13-year-old, which is why he often hung out with people younger than him.

He often hung out and played basketball at Anderson’s girlfriend’s mom’s house. That’s where he was when Anderson showed up and attacked him. His girlfriend’s mom called 911 but Marshall says their response time “was not good enough.” When Anderson finally stopped beating Kevin, Kevin headed home. He got about half a mile when Anderson got in his truck, sped up to 100 MPH, and ran Kevin down killing him.

Anderson and his girlfriend fled to New York where he was arrested. Ms.Marshall is calling for the girlfriend to be arrested, and for Anderson to be charged with a hate crime.

Ms. Marshall wants everyone to know that all her son, “wanted was to fit in and be loved and accepted.” But, “this white inhumane, senseless man,” took his life , she continued. Though she believes this was a hate crime, she told Martin that she doesn’t “know if the word hate is big enough.”

“I need somebody standing beside me, I need legal assistance, I need power,” she explained. Though she is willing to fight for justice for her son, she shared that she’s worried if justice will ever be served.


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