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It’s already crazy enough that dating as a Millennial is one of the most confusing, tedious and mystifying things one can experience — so imagine the pu pu platter of feelings one young Twitter user felt when her ex boyfriend sent her a hella emotional paragraph via text, just one day before he married his new girl.

On Friday, Alexsa Sanchez Aguilar took to Twitter to share with her followers the super sus screenshots of the exchange between her and her unidentified ex-boyfriend, and the Internet became deeply divided.

The ex-boyfriend wrote Alexsa:

“I’m getting married tomorrow. I wanted to send you this message. (My fiancé knows I’m sending this to you). Thank you for being my first love. Thank you for always encouraging me, thank you for keeping me out of trouble, thank you for the times you took care of me when I was sick, and depressed.”

‘Thank you for loving me. If you haven’t already I hope you one day find love. If you loved me that much when we were young I can only imagine how strong and powerful your love is now. The way your heart is made it’s amazing. I know we were only kids when we dated but you taught me what love is.

‘My point in all of this is, you are the reason why I know how to love someone. You taught me love, you taught me how to deal with my anger, how to deal with my depression and how to live life to the fullest and I’m grateful for you. I wish you love and happiness.”

Alexsa says she’s speechless and touched. But what yall think?

@TwistedFanGull agreed, saying “I know it’s all about maturity, growth & shit but if I’m the bride, I’d be devastated knowing that my spouse-to-be messages his/her ex like this before our wedding.”

On the flip side, some folks think the message had good intentions, and actually commend the ex for reaching out.

Chilleeeeee. I’m gonna agree with @CandyXLOVE. Reflecting over you pass relationships is cool and all, but thinking about your ex too much before our wedding day is kinda sus.  Hit me up on Twitter @Misskiyonna to share your thoughts. 

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