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Let’s get into it! Alexis Sky and her friend Sabrina Peterson were robbed at gunpoint in Atlanta at a gas station…well they’re speaking out about the incident and demanding justice for all of the women that have had similar incidents in the Atlanta area.

With Jay-z and his new deal with the NFL…apart of his job is to find entertainment for the company. According to The Lemonade Stand the NFL is reported in talks with JLO and very close to being a done deal prior to February 2020 halftime; which will be produced by Jay-Z.

Love and Hip Hops Teairra Marie isn’t only in trouble with 50 cent and his money but the law is coming for her too! Through her battle with sobriety, she had a DUI in June in New York City. If you remember she lost control of her vehicle and was pulled over and failed the sobriety test. She has officially pled guilty. However, she dodged a bullet because she will not be serving any jail time. The gag is her license will be suspended for six moneths and she must attend courses. If she fails she will see the slammer. Wishing you the best TT!

Now to this ghetto mess! Tekashi 69 will be back in court to be the rat he is known to be. He’s taking the stand against former gang members…plans to say he was in the gang to make shmoney, distribute and dip. Crazy enough the gang members have yet to plead guilty to federal charges but will have a possible shorter sentence by agreeing.  You know who was not rocking with Tekashi when asked about if he’s spoken to him? Curtis James Jackson honey! 50 Cent was not having it! He’s obviously disowned him and said he should not even attempt to call him. What is it Nene!? GHETTO AS WHAT? HELL!

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