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TLC’s “Creep” was released 25 years ago and here’s some things you didn’t know about the hit song. The song was also controversial for its subject matter and one group member was against the song altogether. ‘Creep’ was inspired by a real-life experience, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes hated the song, and ‘Creep’ was TLC’s first Grammy win. The song helped to push their sophomore album, CrazySexyCool, to Diamond status, making them one of the few artists to achieve selling over 10 million copies of an album. On the 25 Anniversary of “Creep,” it still remains one of TLC’s signature song.  ‘CrazySexyCool’ produced four top 10 singles overall, with “Waterfalls” being one of the biggest hit of their career. But it was “Creep” that started the domino effect of hit after hit for the group.

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