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Vanessa Simmons Bon Bon Body Scrub

Source: Sugar Me Life / Bon Bon Scrub

A random package arrived on my desk shortly before Christmas. Anxious to see what was inside, I tore into the packaging. I was surprised to find three packs of Sugar Me Life Skin Care’s Bon Bon Body Scrub. Vanessa Simmons created a beauty line full of goodies that make your skin feel smooth, smell delicious and taste like candy. At least that’s what my fiancé told me after a sexy shower using the scrub. Wink wink. 

Vanessa Simmons Bon Bon Body Scrub

Source: Sugar Me Life / Bon Bon Scrub

As my significant other, I am constantly testing products on him, roping him into office conversations and getting his “manpinion” on an array of topics. So when I asked if he wanted a back rub using the scrub, he jumped at the opportunity. We had no idea how much we’d both love the product.

I gave the coffee scented scrub to my coworker (which, in hindsight I regret because gosh, it’s so amazing), so that left me with the pink sugar and ice cream scents (flavors). I don’t know if they’re edible, but hunty after I rubbed the pink scrub on his back, we were ready to risk it all. A sweet aroma filled the shower and it left his skin with a dewy, moisturized feel. Scrubs led to rubs and you can use your imagination where it went from there.

In his words, “You smelled like sugar and tasted like it.”

According to the website, Bon Bon scrubs is a “raw, natural body scrub featuring robust granules to exfoliate and rejuvenate dry, rough skin for skin that’s smooth, silky and glowing.” The main ingredient is “resveratrol,” which shields the skin from environmental damage, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing dryness and smoothing skin texture.

Ingredients: Organic fine grain sugar, Resveratrol, Rice bran oil, Aromatic blends of blackberry, Cassis, Dark cherry, Vanilla, Bourbon and Coffee bean

I enjoy products that enhance my shower so this was right up my alley. A package will cost you $20… but I promise it’s worth it. I recommend pouring up a drink and turning a routine couples shower into a steamy session.

Buy it, here.


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