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The former minority leader of the Georgia House, Stacey Abrams believes that she will become president by 2040.

During an interview for FiveThirtyEight’s “When Women Run” project, Abrams was asked about her political ambitions, her stance on a Black woman serving as the United States president, and if she believes the country will elect her in the next 20 years. Her answer was simply, “Yes, I do.”

Abrams then smiled and added, “Yes. That’s my plan. And I’m very pragmatic.”


Since losing to the Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp in the 2018 Georgia Governor’s race, Abrams has made it her mission to promote equality in the polls by founding Fair Fight, an initiative formed to promote fair elections.

When asked if she has become tired of questions about whether or not the country is ready for a Black woman in office, Abrams responded, “When something new is on the horizon, we are usually both equally curious and afraid. I don’t begrudge the question but I resent an answer that doesn’t accept the wholeness of who I am.”

“I’m not solely an avatar for Black women but I am a proud avatar of both of those things because it stands as an example to others of what’s possible,” Abrams said. “But we also have to recognize that electability is not simply a question of whether you have the capacity and if people want you, it’s also if the system will allow it to happen.”

“I am a very accomplished person who has experience in a realm of issues and has the capacity to do this job. So, while I may chafe a bit at what spawns the question, I’m very proud of why I’m even in the conversation because I’m not in the conversation just because I’m a Black woman.”


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