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'Black Ink Crew' Super Trailer Previews Feud Between Ryan Henry & Ceaser

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

We would be lying if we said we didn’t see this coming. The super trailer for Black Ink Crew is here, and like its teaser, it hints at firings coming, but the biggest reveal is the feud between Ceaser and 9MAG’s owner Ryan Henry.

The first teaser for season 8 of Black Ink Crew revealed that Ceaser is going on a firing spree in order to get his house in order. So that means he is going to be firing, suspending, and in some cases, promoting his crew. Now we have some idea as to what expect when Black Ink Crew returns later this month.

Ceaser decides that it’s time to get serious when he learns he could possibly lose the cornerstone of his Black Ink “empire” the 113th location. To ensure that doesn’t happen, Ceaser holds a meeting where he puts his employees on notice and fires some of them. We will have to tune in to learn precisely who. We do know that following an incident between Sky — who has been absent from the shop — and her son Des, Ceaser announces she is suspended.

Also shown in the 5-minute trailer, Donna is looking to grow following her struggle antics last season like the perseverance tattoo she spelled wrong on a customer’s back. We also get a glimpse of her kissing Tati, who inquires if sleeping with another woman while in a relationship should be considered cheating. We’re gonna answer that for her and tell her yes.

Walter is looking to carry the momentum he had in 2019 with his standup comedy career taking off and proposing Jess, who happily said yes into 2020. Welp, unfortunately, that will not be the case and with Jesse seemingly looking like she’s having second thoughts about marriage, which drives Walt back to drinking heavily. In one scene, we also witness Walt getting arrested as well. Yikes.

Other moments we can look forward to this upcoming season include Bae finally confronting her Boogeyman, her father, for the first time in years. Based on the footage, we see that the meeting doesn’t go too well.

BUT the main takeaway from this super trailer is FINALLY the long hinted feud between Ceaser and Ryan over Ms. Kitty is taking shape. It looks like the two tattoo shops will finally come face to face behind their respected leaders at a tattoo convention with things getting a bit spicy. It’s Black Ink Crew vs. Black Ink Crew: Chicago… WE LOVE TO SEE IT. We got our money from the boys from Chicago, sorry, Ceaser.

Black Ink Crew returns Wednesday, February 26, at 8/7c. You can watch the mess unfold in the trailer below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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