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A viral video has surfing the internet with former NFL MVP Cam Newton being attacked by a group of men. Cam Newton took the time to address the situation on his YouTube segment, ‘4th&1 with Cam Newtown’.

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He quickly wanted to dismiss the idea that these were ‘kids jumping on Cam’ as he addressed the certain media outlets misinforming their audiences that they were kids from the camp that had ambushed him. In fact, they were grown men that joined forces to take down the former Quarterback. He seemingly identified these gentlemen as acquaintances he was formerly associated with in his 7v7 football organization.

“There’s a backstory to this. I know, and knew exactly who that was” Cam Newtown said on his podcast. “They were former coaches up under my organization ‘C1N’, so we had tenure — These were coaches, these were grown men. ”

Sports can carry a competitive edge that brings out the best (and the worst) in some people. Trash talking is one of the signature trademarks of the game, any game. In this case, trash talking, being mixed with football — one of the most physical sports we have today — could be a dangerous combination. Cam Newton expressed that the nature of the environment is what led to this altercation between him and his former coaches.

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There was a lot of talking on both sides… on all sides — It’s all in the nature of sports” Newton explained. “It starts with words, and it should have ended with words.”

Newton assumes accountability and expresses disappointment in himself for not holding true to his earlier quote. He believed he should not been brought to such a low level as to physically put his hands on someone. He also apologizes to those who were involved, the coaches and kids at the camp that he had set such an example for.

“I’m disappointed in myself, by letting it escalate to what it did. And that’s why I’m apologetic about it” Newton uttered. “The truth of the matter is, me being in my position, I should of never let myself in that position… that’s just the truth.”

Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton (1) stands dejected as the final minutes wind down while playing against the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter of their NFC divisional playoff NFL game at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

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Newton goes on to say that although this unfortunate series of events took place, it doesn’t deter him from attending anymore events, or even holding his own. Crediting his involvement in the football community and the lives of children as his act of servanthood.

“I owe a service to the kids, to say ‘hey, if I see Cam,this my opportunity to touch him, to talk to him, to laugh with him, to compete with him. This is the only time that they may see somebody.” Newton explained. “So dare I say ‘I’m not gonna ever do it again’, but I just let that situation, escalate in a way, that didn’t need to happen.”

Watch the full podcast episode below!


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