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According to CBS 11 News, over $420 million has been collected by the American Red Cross in regards to Hurricane Harvey. It’s been almost 2 months since the hurricane hit, yet some victims say they have not received any money from any charity. According to the Red Cross, $.91 cents of each dollar is supposed to go to helping the people, but for many in need, the claim has yet to be backed up.

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Back in August, rapper T.I. took up Kevin Hart’s challenge to donate $25,000 to the Hurricane victims, but he says he refuses to donate to the Red Cross.

Reasons why? The American Red Cross has had many accusations in the past, especially regarding natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti, in not doing 100% of what they say they will do with the donations received. Government officials are now trying to create laws that will force organizations like the American Red Cross to be more transparent about exactly what they are doing with the donations they receive. They’re demanding proof–and so should donors.

It will take some time for hurricane victims to get back on their feet and your support is still needed. Below are some organizations that we know are doing their part:


Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

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