Kenny Lattimore: ‘I’m Looking For A Kym Whitley Type’


The amazing Kenny Lattimore has new music that suggests that he may be open to falling in love again. Ladies, you might just have a chance!  His new album called Vulnerable is sure to have you dancing!

“I think I’m in that space. Vulnerability we know is associated with being weak but I wanted to associate it with strength. I’m cool enough to fall in love again, that’s what this story is about.”

Kym Whitley couldn’t help but ask what his type was. Lattimore joked, “I’m looking for a Kym Whitley type…I like a woman who makes me laugh.”

Lattimore’s new CD features different styles of music that allowed him to really express himself.  Perfection a song off his new album is an homage to modern-day steppers. “It’s my modern-day steppers cut. I didn’t want it to be like R. Kelly. I just wanted it to be different.”

Check out Kenney Lattimore’s In Studio Jam here!

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