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We’ve been “safe-at-home” for a few weeks now and you may feel like you’ve talked about EVERYTHING with you significant other at this point but that just isn’t true.  Irene Celcer, LCSW, a psychotherapist based in the United States and Buenos Aires, Argentina has come up with a list a topics that can spark good conversations! Fun topics where you can learn something new about one another!

1. Your childhood memories: both the good and bad ones.

2. The crush you had in 6th grade and what made you like the person so much.

3. Your favorite movie of all time and why you love it.

4. The worst movie you’ve ever seen and why you hate it.

5. Why exercising is not your thing and never will be. Or conversely, why you love exercising so much.

6. Why you became (fill in the blank). And are you happy you did it?

7. Your real feelings about becoming a parent.

8. The fear you’ve never spoken about.

9. The little things in life that truly bring you joy every day.

10. Why you love your partner so many years after being together (or only having been together such a short time).

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11. How would you like your life to change after the pandemic is over?

12. What are your wildest dreams and what will you do to make them part of your reality?

13. What is your philosophy of life. Why did you adopt it?

14. How did has your taste in friends changed throughout your life?

15. Do you have the same taste in food you did when you were little? If not, when did it change and why?

16. Where would you most like to travel to once the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

17. Are you the same person now as you were when you were 15 years old?

18. Is your partner now similar to your first boyfriend or girlfriend?

19. What do you think about being politically correct?

20. What do you think you do that could be considered misogynist or racist, even if you don’t mean for it to be?

21. What do you think you need to do to become a better person?

I’m definitely  going to used some of these!

-Queen Indy Bee (@Queenindybee)

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