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masculine presenting Women In Suits

Source: Delicia, DJ Fannie, Tae Fader, DJ Shell Heart / Delicia, DJ Fannie, Tae Fader, DJ Shell Heart

Masculine-presenting women in suits used to cause a fashionable uproar. Growing up, when a feminine woman donned a two-piece suit, she was praised for being fashion-forward and daring, riding the fine line of feminine and masculine energies. Back then, we rarely saw androgynous women in suits on a red carpet, let alone on our TV screens.  

Times are changing. Thanks to people like Lena Waithe, Jonica Gibbs, and Jessica Betts, the lack of masculine-presenting women in the entertainment industry is starting to shift. Before them, we rarely saw Black androgynous women hitting the red carpet to show off their dapper swag in a fly two-piece. 

Last year, I introduced eight masculine-presenting women in suits who would make you do a double-take. This time around, I’m upping the ante with a group of women that’ll make you question your sexual identity. I love what I do, but I must say writing this post is my favorite part of my job. I get to be a creep in the most professional way possible by highlighting the beauty of androgynous and masculine-centered women. If you’re searching for some fashion inspiration, or you’re in the mood to admire some stylish works of art, you’ll want to keep reading. Here are ten androgynous women who slay in a suit.


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1. DJ Fannie Mae

DJ Fannie Mae

“Suits have allowed me to define my own version of sexy, my suits aren’t for 9 to 5, they’re for being sexy and fly lol,” – DJ Fannie Mae

2. Natalie

“There’s power in a suit, regardless how feminine or masculine; and as a masculinity centered woman, I love intertwining the boldness of my power within a suit, blended with the soft physical features of my womanhood. The prestigious nature of being a queen, in fabrics made for kings. Now that’s a power suit. -Natalie “Frenchié Amanti”

3. Delicia


“If I had to describe myself with clothing it would be with a suit. I love them because they reflect my personality, and who I am as an individual. Not only do I prefer suits because they are stylish, but they are also comfortable. As someone who’s extremely comfortable in their skin, suits personify everything that aligns with how I feel about myself.” – Delicia

4. DJ Shell Heart

DJ Shell Heart

“When I put on a suit it makes me feel unstoppable, like I can achieve anything. Something like a superwoman,” – DJ Shell Heart

5. Lavon

“A suit is a uniform for success and elegance. I love wearing a suit but I love being a woman wearing a suit even more! Personality isn’t the first thing you always see so fashion is an extension of expression. It’s your first impression of what you give and get from people,” – Looks by Lavon

6. Tae Fader

Tae Fader

“I tend to always feel confident and powerful in any environment I’m in but a well tailored suit help to convey that message,” – Tae Fader


7. Muki

Muki Source:Muki

“Dressing up for events used to be one of the most stressful times of my life until I realized I could get the perfect suit made to fit my body type. Since I started wearing suits more, I demand attention when I walk into a room because half of the men want to know where I got my suits, and women realize just how good suits could look on them,” – Muki

8. Supa Cant Save U

Supa Cant Save U
“Wearing a suit is another way for me to express my personality. As a charismatic person, what better way to express that to the world? I enjoy giving the world pieces of me through fashion. Each suit I own is just an extension of me,” – SupaCantSaveU

9. Chanel Wray

Chanel Wray Source:Chanel Wray

“I experience the highest version of myself when I wear a suit. It makes me feel bold, powerful and confident.” – Chanel Wray

10. Marsha B

Marsha B Source:Ambitious Shooters

I’m cheating little by including myself in this round up. Although this post aims to highlight masculine of center women in suits, I decided to add myself to the lineup because well, I look good in a suit too! 

“I think suits exude power, grace, and top-tier style. Whether you’re wearing your two-piece with a pair of pumps, chucks, or shoes, as long as you pair the look with confidence, you can’t lose!” – Marsha B