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The combat sport of boxing is a long-practiced tradition throughout human civilization, using hand-to-hand combat as a test of physical strength, athletic prowess and, most importantly, bragging rights against your opponent.

Boxing comes in various forms, from muay-thai to the headbutt-heavy practice of lethwei, but one of the most popular in recent times has actually been hand-to-hand combat between celebrities. From Lamar Odom’s now-cancelled match against “Fake Drake” to Blac Chyna making her ring debut over the summer, many famous faces have found their second act in boxing.

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Of course, celebrity boxing can also be a way to squash beef without things getting too out of hand. With gloves and protective gear in place, the combat of “airing it out” in the ring for a few rounds is often exactly what’s needed to get out any pent-up anger or aggression. Given the high rate of celebrities beefing within the past week alone — see: Nicki Minaj vs Latto on Twitter — we think some of them simply just need to have a bout in the boxing ring. Add to the fact that celeb boxing is one of the biggest forms of charity fundraising, and you really could have a positive outcome from something that was once negative.

Looking back on some of the wildest celeb beefs in recent times, we thought of 7 pairs that are currently at odds and could definitely benefit from releasing some tension with a pair of gloves. Also, it would just be really entertaining to watch. Who wouldn’t pay to see Drake and Pusha T officially battle it out after years of subliminal jabs on wax? Nicki and Cardi — we’d be sitting front row!

Take a look at 7 dream celebrity boxing matchups that we’d pay big bucks to see go round for round in the ring:

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1. Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B

Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B Source:Getty

Battle it out to determine once and for all who the real queen of rap is!

2. Kanye West vs Kid Cudi

Kanye West vs Kid Cudi Source:Getty

Once brothers in rhyme, now hip-hop’s greatest enemies. A few rounds in the ring is probably just what these two need.

3. The Rock vs Vin Diesel

The Rock vs Vin Diesel Source:Getty

We may never see them in another Fast & Furious film together, but the former WWE champ going round for round against the XXX? Take our money now!

4. Drake vs Pusha T

With the extreme levels of disrespect these two have spewed at each other over the years, it’s only right they throw hands at this point. 

5. Will Smith vs Chris Rock

Come on — Rock at least needs a chance to get revenge after getting that now-infamous five-finger fatality at the Oscars!

6. Tyra Banks vs Naomi Campbell

Tyra Banks vs Naomi Campbell Source:Getty

Supermodels boxing sounds a recipe for disaster, but when it comes to these warring divas it’s about time they settle their decades-long differences. 

7. Tyler Perry vs Spike Lee

We’re not even sure where this beef originated, but it would be pure comedy to see them battle it out. Extra points if Tyler dresses as Madea just to really piss Spike off!