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If you look up the word controversial in the dictionary, right next to it you’ll find a beautiful, vibrant photo of Azealia Banks, her bright smile and possibly with a blunt in her hand.

Real fans give credit where credit is due — but also call it like they see it. Hence the reason we’re taking a look back at AB moments that were shocking, jaw dropping and way more intense than what regular degular consumers are use to.

Kunt Brigade Queen: 9 Times Azealia Banks Was WAY Too Spicy For TV  was originally published on

1. Chicken-gate

Remember when everyone gave AB the side eye for revealing that she practices witchcraft and sacrifices chickens.?

2. Skin Bleacher

Let’s not forget when Azealia defended bleaching her skin to appear lighter. SMH. Folks were livid.

3. Coming for the Queen

Coming for the Queen

Everyone in their right mind knows that you NEVER come for the queen. But Azealia wasted no time slamming Beyoncé for not being a true feminist.

4. Disrespecting the Kang.

Disrespecting the Kang.

Any other person bold enough to tell Tip to “shut the f*** up” would probably not make it to see the next day.

5. Who gets mad at Pharrell?

Who gets mad at Pharrell?

Banks blamed the poor reception of her “ANTM” track on Pharrell himself, saying, “The reason ‘ATM Jam’ did poorly is because Pharrell changed his mind about wanting to be associated with me after he had his lite skin comeback.”

6. Trying to square up with Erykah Badu

Trying to square up with Erykah Badu

Coming for the queen of Neo Soul will have folks coming for you all day, everyday.

7. Woah.

8. Harlem Hologram

9. Make America Hate Again

Make America Hate Again

Banks had the world fed up with her trolling when she proudly supported Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential election. She still rocks her MAGA hat today, unapologetically.