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Oakland, the eighth most populated city in California, has aimed to live by their fairly new citywide motto, “Love life.” However, many residents of The Town are mostly feeling the hate in their neighborhoods as crime is making it very hard to, well, love life in any capacity.

What makes matters worse is that locals even say that calling authorities for help leads to nothing, leaving them left feeling quite uneasy over in the big East Bay.


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The thought of waiting 45 minutes for police to arrive “on a good day” during an emergency sounds exactly how residents are now describing the situation: pointless. With many assailants not even threatened by the idea of being caught on camera, many have been left with a feeling of fight-or-flight that feels bittersweet either way. Fighting for your neighborhood is something that’s looked at as valiant, but what happens when that proverbial war becomes a little too physical and, dare we say it, deadly?

More details on getting to the root of Oaktown’s crime problem below, via CNN:

Oakland residents say they are unnerved and considering fleeing the state because of the rise in violent crime that has community activists, including the local NAACP, demanding urgent action from city officials.

In a letter released in late July, NAACP Oakland Branch President Cynthia Adams and Oakland pastor Bishop Bob Jackson demanded action from elected leaders to ensure public safety, especially in predominately Black neighborhoods.

‘African Americans are disproportionately hit the hardest by crime in East Oakland and other parts of the city. But residents from all parts of the city report that they do not feel safe,’ they said in the letter.

The statement went on to accuse ‘failed leadership’ of creating a heyday for Oakland criminals.’”

A roster increase of active police, currently listed at 715, to somewhere in the range of 1,200 is what Oakland Police Officers’ Association President Barry Donelan says would make the union happy. However, until someone figures out how to cure the mind of a criminal mind, the Great Migration out might sadly turn Oaktown into Ghosttown.

What do you think can be done in Oakland? Sound off with your thoughts and see what people are saying on social media below:

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1. It’s really sad how pervasive this idea of Oakland as a dirty, crime-filled city has become. It reminds me of when I was growing up…

via @emily_wherever

2. Oakland and SF be straight assss backwards bruh 😂😂 mf’s tryna hem up people sellin hotdogs but ain’t doin shit about all the actual crimes. 💩 holes

via @jonny_boye

3. @MayorShengThao Blah blah blah. What have you actually accomplished that is lowering crime? Criminals are rampant with zero consequences. Crime rates continue to increase. Citizens are scared. There aren’t enough police. Oakland is 1 of 2 CA cities with the most unhoused. Are you serious?

via @mizzpL

4. That’s sad and bad

via @bigpercynomrcy

5. I love #Oakland too. But this resident is heartbroken about the state of her city and is leaving. The NAACP is so disturbed by the daily crimes they are going after the city too.

via @sarasidnerCNN

6. The Oakland NAACP should support the recall of the Alameda County District Attorney, who has made it clear she will not prosecute the majority of people because it goes against her Reformative Justice goals. …and the criminals have figured that out. Just like in St Louis.

via @MyAfro

7. I think Oakland Tax docs need a line where owners can report loss. We need to KNOW how much we are risking with crime being out of control

via @ForNenna

8. They have to give us the right to properly defend ourselves from criminals, cops have become advanced ticket maids with 2 hour wait times.

via @GasBreakDip

9. Damn 🥺. Y’all gotta STOP THIS SHIT. I’m carrying my BYRNA or my GLOCK (legally) or both… FUCK. Stop!!!! I’m shooting to protect myself.

via @JEBTweetn1

10. wow the Alameda County Democratic Party is doubling down on Pamela Price, while the NAACP and the oakland community are pleading for a declaration of emergency for public safety. vote common sense 2024 #sfbayarea

via @incitefusion