Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter: Legendary music producer Timbaland has undergone a profound transformation.  From kicking a painkiller addiction and dropping over 130 pounds. The hitmaker has remade himself following a dark period in his life. According to Timbaland, he started abusing prescription painkillers, specifically Oxycontin and Percocet, after a root canal in 2011. Then, […]

Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter: Former Food Network star, Gina Neely is opening about her weight loss and how she slimmed down to a size 0. The former ‘Down Home With The Neely’s’ host dished on her new lifestyle and explained that while she noticeably lost weight, it’s not as much as many thought. “Everybody […]

Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter: There are the 6 exercises that can help you lose weight, even if you have obesity genes. A new study suggests six specific exercises that seem to be best for weight loss. Topping the list is jogging, which seems to be better than anything else for losing weight. They investigated […]

Follow MAJIC 94.5 On Twitter: With everyone thinking about getting healthier and losing a few extra weight for the New Year. Jennifer Hudson shares how she has maintain her 80 pound weight loss for years. “Well, I don’t really have time to do much [exercise]. I just watch what I eat. I’m very careful and […]